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Chip & PIN essays

Chip & PIN essays Fraud cost the UK Government 402 Million last year alone Traditionally when you pay for an item over the counter in any shop throughout the UK, using a credit or debit card, a receipt is printed for you to sign, to verify payment and for the cashier to verify that the card belongs to you by comparing the signature on the back of the card, to the receipt you signed. But recently credit card fraud has been on the increase as criminals are cloning stealing the cards and learning to forge the signature that appears on the card. This is happening more than ever before. Goods can be purchased with the swipe of a card, and a signature on a piece of paper, the cashier has the difficult task to determine whether the signature has been forged or not. This is quite a difficult task because it can be very hard to tell. Card issuers being more aware of this, have launched cards with a 3 digit security code, which is totally unique to the card, and is located on the back of the card (see fig 1.0), which is needed when using the card on-line, this has h elped towards cloning the cards, but if the criminal has stolen the card, this is useless. Now with the introduction of the new Chip cards, customers verify payment by typing in a 4 digit PIN code into a small keypad (see fig 2.0) much like you do at a cash-machine. The cashier verifies the owner of the card by the entry of a correct PIN. So if the card has been stolen, it is near impossible for the criminal to use the card, because they cannot forge the PIN, if a PIN is entered wrong 3 times the card is locked for use and the bank must be contacted. It is also much easier for the card holder to do something if they suspect they have been watched or someone knows their PIN. Previously if someone has cloned the card and the signature is the only form of identity verification, then the card had to be stopped, and a replacement sent out. Assuming the card hasnt been stolen, ...

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The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer - Discussion Questions

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer - Discussion Questions The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer was published in April 2013Publisher: Riverhead468 pages may seem like a simple story of how friendships formed as teenagers during summer camp evolve over the years with the characters. In fact, the novel has many threads that book clubs might choose to discuss dreams expectations, secrets, relationships and marriage are just a few. If your group is in New York City, there is also a lot about life there over the decades. These questions are designed to spark conversation and help your group go deeper into Wolitzers novel. Spoiler Warning: These questions reveal details of the story. Finish the book before reading on. There are several secrets in the novel. The next few questions will explore some of these, but feel free to bring up others and to discuss the overall role of secrets in the novel with your book club. The Interestings is divided into three parts: Part I - Moments of Strangeness, Part II - Figland, and Part III - The Drama of the Gifted Child. Do you think these titles or divisions are particularly meaningful to the story?Jules is one of the main characters in the novel, and one of her biggest struggles is contentment and envy. Early in the novel, Wolitzer writes of Jules, What if shed said no? she liked to wonder afterward in a kind of strangely pleasurable, baroque horror. What if shed turned down the lightly flung invitation and went about her life, thudding obliviously along like a drunk person, a blind person, a moron, someone who thinks that the small packet of happiness she carries is enough (3).Then later, when Jules is reading Ethan and Ashs Christmas letter, she says, Their lives were much too different now for Jules to have kept up a sustained level of envy. Mostly, she had given up her envy, had let it recede or dissipate so that she wasnt chronically plagued by it (48 ).Do you think Jules ever conquers her envy? Do you think her experiences at Spirit in the Woods and friendships with the Interestings actually made her happier? Why or why not? What did you think of Dennis and of his relationship with Jules? Was it good? Did you sympathize more with him or with her?Did you sympathize with the ways the characters had to adjust their expectations about life, love, and greatness?What did you think of Ethans giving financial help to Jules and Dennis? Was that an appropriate expression of friendship? How can friends navigate very different financial realities?Did you have any camp or teenage experiences that were as forming as Spirit in the Woods?The biggest secret in The Interestings is that Goodman is still alive and in contact with his family. Why do you think Ash never told Ethan? Do you think he would have reacted differently to finding out if Ash had been honest with him?Do you think Goodman raped Cathy? Why or why not?Jonah also holds on to a secret from his childhood for most of his life that he was drugged and his music stolen. Why dont you think Jonah ever told anyone? How did this secret change the course of his life ? Ethan secretly loves Jules his whole life. Do you think he also truly loves Ash? What do you think about his other secrets contacting Cathy, doubting his love for his son? Are they as big as the secret Ash keeps from him? Why or why not?Were you satisfied with the end of the novel?Rate The Interestings on a scale of 1 to 5.

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Social Contract Theory in business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Social Contract Theory in business - Essay Example How should a manager look at this Weiss (2005) describes the Stakeholder Theory (behind Jane's statements) as having become an established framework in identifying and examining the impact of organization action. It posits a model in which "all persons or groups with legitimate interests participating in an enterprise do so to obtain benefits, and there is no prima facie priority of one set of interests and benefits over another" (Donaldson and Preston. In Weiss 2005). It is based on the idea that the enterprise exists to serve the many stakeholders who have an interest in it or who in some way may be harmed or benefited by it. The model rejects the idea that the enterprise exists to serve the interest of its owners, be it maximizing their wealth or some other reason for being in business. The flaws in the conceptual and empirical foundations of theory has cracks that serious questions can be raised concerning the utility and validity of any moral conclusions or prescriptions it offers (ibid). According to Younkins (1997), the stakeholder theory has merit as a management strategy. As an ethical theory, however, the emphasis on stakeholders is problematic as it erroneously suggests that corporations are possessions and servants of larger society. This theory is said to misinterpret Kant's principle because what Kant actually said was that every human being is entitled to be treated not merely as a means but also as an end in himself. Further, stakeholder theory implies a multi-fiduciary approach that goes against the idea of free markets, property rights, and the special moral responsibility of management to the stockholders. On the other hand, Social contract theory (which Brett seems to espouse) advocates a free market economy supposed to result in the best product at the best price, serving the common interest. It, therefore, counts every corporation to be bound by social responsibilities and put in the hands of the people the power to permit their operations (Roddy 2005). Social contract theory holds that obedience to law is required of anyone who would enjoy its protections and advantages. An example of this is said to be accepting a court's decision in your favor to mean also accepting the one against your interests. Only in this way will others agree to abide by rulings when the decision of law favors you to their disadvantage. By refusing to sacrifice your own interests in some cases, you risk going it alone in what is called the "state of nature" which is considered a terrible alternative (ibid). Hasnas (1998) goes back to presenting three current leading normative theories of business ethics as the stockholder, stakeholder, and social contract theories. Accordingly, the stockholder theory is the oldest of the three, but out of favor with many contemporary business ethicists. To them, the stockholder theory represents a disreputable holdover from the bad old days of rampant capitalism. In contrast, the past decades has seen the stakeholder theory gain much popularity that it may be considered the conventionally-accepted position within the business ethics community. In recent years, however, the social contract theory has been cited with considerable acceptance and might accurately be characterized as challenging the stakeholder theory for preeminence among normative theorists. What is the stand of the manager then Hasnas (1998) presents a contrarian review of these normative theories,

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The student to competently insert an indwelling urinary Catheter Essay

The student to competently insert an indwelling urinary Catheter - Essay Example According the Nursing and Midwife Council, it is the duty of a mentor to create a suitable environment that will allow for learning and development. The mentor should also familiarize the students with the risks associated with this process. This is so because indwelling urinary catheterisation is not a simple or risk-free procedure as many may think. It is approximated that urinary catheters cause 24 percent of all hospital infections. Patients who have catheters and get UTIs in primary care settings tend to have greater contact with their GP (Rhinehart Friedman& Rhinehart, 2006). My first approach to the mentoring process was by uniting both the nursing team and the students. This was to help me achieve a conducive learning environment which is important for all the nursing teams and students to work together as a team. As stated by Doughty (2006), positive attitude contributes a lot to the learning process of indwelling urinary catheterisation. This will allow the student to gain the courage to approach the team without fear that will support them while onward hence making them become part of the nursing team. I chose ward environment since it was the most appropriate for this kind of process. The environment was very conducive because it provided the student with a chance to participate in real life nursing environment hence making it realistic. It will enhance their understanding by illustrating and showing the students the procedures followed and also introduce them to different types of equipment needed to carry out the process successfully. This strate gy enabled the student to understand the process better than telling them theoretically since practical improves ones understanding about a particular topic as in this case the urinary catheterisation. As said by Allen (2015), it is crucial to recognize different learning style and theories. In order to achieve effective learning, the students

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The Guide to Getting it On! :: Essays Papers

â€Å"The Guide to Getting it On!† is unlike any book on human sexuality that I have ever read. Not to say that I read a lot of human sexuality books, but the ones I have looked over (including the text for this class) are often bland and stagnant. â€Å"The Guide to Getting it On!† has an approach to human sexuality that is fun, witty, and extremely sensitive all in one. This 370 page book contains subjects on sex that are designed to make the reader think outside of the box (no pun intended) about their own sexuality and the sexuality of others. It is a playful look into the modern relationships of today, and an aid to couples wanting to spice up their love life. Topics discussed in this manual vary from getting naked and intercourse to sex toys and being gay in the 90’s. Practically any topic you can think of about human sexuality is covered in this book and makes for a heavy read. This book also has a section that reviews additional resources for the reader to investigate further. In the back of this book is a glossary of sex, slang and cultural-related words and their definitions. This guide is not for the faint of heart or closed-minded. It uses several slang, and dirty words throughout the book to describe concepts of human sexuality. It even has a chapter addressing the use of dirty words and why this book has chosen to do so. While I believe that the use of dirty and slang terms generally degrades from the value of a book, â€Å"The Guide to Getting it On!† accomplishes the task tastefully and in good humor. Most of the titles of the chapters are somewhat provocative in nature, and serve to spark interest. Prudent readers will be taken aback at first glance over the book to find chapters such as †Chapter 21: Oscillator, Generator, Vibrator, Dildo â€Å" and † Chapter 11: The Zen of Finger Fucking†. But upon further inspection they will find a very informative and thought provoking view of an aspect of sexuality that they may had little or no prior experience with. Although this book does not have any photographs, it does have quite a few explicit drawings. Some of these drawings serve to visually show the reader some of the techniques that are covered in the text.

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Inventory Management System Proposal

The goal over the course of the next three months is to implement a new Inventory Process that will allow Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. to create and deliver electric fans in a more efficient and accurate manner. The implementation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), inventory-tracking system will stream line throughput, increase productivity, and reduce production costs. In the current outdated design process, many problem areas in the assembly line process can occur, such as bottlenecks, mistakes, and inaccurate counts.The proposed system will address problem areas by introducing a just-in-time production strategy to improve return on investment. Tracking inventory in real-time as it moves through the supply chain process will ensure reduced overhead of raw material and made-to-stock product.The use of RFID technology will record customer orders, shipping of product, and tracking throughput in real-time. With the proposed RFID systems and wireless software, labor costs reductio n, and process efficiencies are the result. Area supervisors will have the opportunity to focus on tasks of greater importance.With the new process, production levels will increase and labor costs will decrease, drastically reducing the process of redundant tracking of material and customer products. Implementing an RFID system will also help reduce manufacturing mistakes by closely tracking all parts required for product assembly. With measurable success and improvement rates, the use of the new Inventory System Process will help in Riordan’s future growth. Thank you for your consideration for this proposal. Please feel free to contact if there are any questions.Successful companies manage inventory, labor, and other operational costs by closely tracking them. Failure to manage those items efficiently can cost businesses their bottom line with loss of profit, and ultimately, the risk going out of business. Inventory equates to cash and although it is not as liquid, there is still a cash value associated with each product in inventory (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2006). Riordan Manufacturing is in desperate need of updating their inventory system.Initially, when Riordan Manufacturing went into business, this process was efficient only because they were producing on a smaller scale. As a fortune 1000 company, trying to foster business growth, Riordan Manufacturing needs to incorporate innovative technologies for their inventory control processes.The inventory process Riordan uses, require many redundant activities necessary for tracking, throughout their supply chain. MRP Material Resource Planning, also known as MRP, software positively can affect a business that relies on efficiencies in manufacturing.â€Å"MRP helps enterprises control and streamline processes synonymous with order fulfillment. MRP Software is designed to analyze production demands from current sales orders, short and long term sales forecasts, and then procures the exact information for what is needed to manufacture each order† (Business Software, 2010, p. 1).MRP is a system that Learning Team D is proposing Riordan Manufacturing implements to improve productivity and efficiency. The MRP system will help to support the new inventory system of using Radio Frequency Identifiers, also known as RFID.The RFID tracking system will automate the process of entering data related to inventory. The MRP system will use the RFID system to track the inventory through the process from raw materials received, to molded, assembled, and shipment of the delivered product. In addition, the MRP system will use data from the sales department to calculate how much time required for producing the customer’s order. As part of the software, data is stored about delivery timelines for both how long it will take to receive raw materials and how long it will take to ship product to the customer.In addition, the system will calculate the materials needed for product assembly, a nd the timeframes to complete that assembly. By completing these calculations within the MRP system, manufacturing process optimization, limiting inventory on-hand and maximizing the inventory turnover time. Process Design Creating a new process design will allow Riordan to become more efficient, reducing the inventory on hand. The process design will have a direct and immediate effect on the customer (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2006).One main metric that will identify the process is time because it calculates the work-in-process divided by the throughput rate. As a service provider of product, Riordan wants customers to have shorter wait times, and to reduce the organization’s investment cost by turning inventory over as quickly as possible. Riordan will fine-tune the inventory process by performing task at a parallel process. Most tasks can operate in sequence that will reduce the waiting time and improve production. Another change would be the order of the task in the inve ntory process.This will eliminate the back and forth transportation from machines, locations, and departments. In addition, fewer interruptions in the process will prepare purchase orders faster to avoid adding extra days to keeping inventory longer than needed. In these changes, the assembly line will increase productivity and reduce inventory cost.Applying the lean production process will achieve high volume production using minimal inventories of raw materials, work-in-process, and finished good (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2006). The use of RFID will play a significant role for optimizing Riordan’s inventory management system.The process will work efficiently when demands are at a high quality and builds stronger relationship with the vendors to create the demand for the product. Generally, Riordan will have these tools along with implementing the MRP system to manage inventory flow process. This will create the process of identifying any bottlenecks through the inventory, packaging, labeling, and shipping process. In addition to the MRP system, Riordan will also include the RFID scanning system to improve the technology aspect of the business. Supply ChainRiordan will benefit greatly by implementing an RFID scanning system. Converting the inventory system to implement newer technologies will increase process throughput. Transition to the RFID system will improve Riordan’s opportunity to compete in the global market.Tracking inventory on paper is not efficient, especially when information gathered needs updated in China by close of business each day. The use of RFID through the Internet, improves Riordan’s opportunity for growth, keeping track of every item in inventory. With an RFID system, real-time trending and forecasting will be possible.Computer software used in conjunction with hardware devices monitor the use of inventory more accurately by continually scanning and uploading data. With the use of RFID, Riordan will reduce loss o f inventory or wasted product by setting control limits.Ultimately, reducing labor costs and increasing profits. In most industries, labor is the one of their biggest expense. The inventory clerk positions could have a significant reduction of labor hours and even eliminate the position entirely with an electronic process. The amount of time spent tracking inventory goes from minutes to mere seconds because of RFID technology.As Riordan continues to grow, it is important to established centralized warehouses in key locations. The inventory software will help Riordan executives forecast how much inventory one particular warehouse could handle, more effectively than the current method used. Inventory management is the key focus for process improvement.This new inventory management system will reduce labor cost by streamlining data entry, therefore, speed transaction time, and ultimately, reduce the amount of inventory on-hand. Packaging, labeling, and shipping will involve incorporati ng a new inventory management process.Combining handheld computers, RFID readers, software, and a wireless infrastructure gives supervisors the ability to monitor inventory and track each activity within the manufacturing process. By connecting a wireless infrastructure, the application will operate in real-time.Supply chain design will enable Riordan to reduce stock on-hand and improve inventory throughput. Maintaining par levels through forecasting from the materials used, average inventory stock is projected. Demand and supply uncertainties associated with custom products will require a supply chain strategy that incorporates an agile supply chain.Supply chains using strategies aimed at responsiveness, and flexible, overcome the risks of supply shortages by pooling inventory and other capacity resources. As previously mentioned, the current steps for processing raw materials is labor intensive and in many ways, work against the company’s long-range strategy.The use of an R FID tracking system will allow more accurate and real-time information to be readily available. Forecast Forecasting the costs and expected benefits is critical to determining if the project is worthy of investment by a company. This forecast, completed for the implementation of both an RFID and MRP system.There are a number of salary costs for this type of project, including a project manager salary for one month ($3,333), an install technician for two months ($6,600). A trainer for 20 days ($1,640), salaries for 10 technical support agents to be trained over 10 days ($11,000), and salaries for 100 staff agents trained over 10 days.However, the largest cost for this project will be the technology itself. To install an RFID system the following will need purchasing; active tags at the price of $10 each for 100 in total, five $500 readers, and the middleware that coasts $100,000. The MRP software will bring the biggest price of $300,000.The total costs of implementing the project wil l be $536,139. Obviously, these costs are only beneficial to the company if they bring about a positive change to the company’s income. The implementation of the MRP and RFID system allow the elimination of the inventory clerk position, saving the company $45,000 annually.In addition, supervisors will be more effective as the labor intensive reports are eliminated, saving the supervisors 40 hours a month and the company $959 a month. The manufacturing team will also benefit from the elimination of these labor-intensive reports. It‘s estimated that the manufacturing team will save $574 a month. In addition, because of the expected efficiencies with managing inventory Learning Team D predicts that one facility, currently used to house supplies, is no longer needed saving the company $8,000 monthly, in leases.According to a survey of more than 600 companies, Riordan can expect a number of increased efficiencies. Perhaps the most telling increase to performance is that deli very times will be reduced from 71 days to 59 days on average (Schroeder, Anderson, Tupy, &White, 2012, p. 1). This means that Riordan will be able to improve order processing by 17%.With profits already at $1,956,371 (Apollo Group Inc.) annually, a 17% increase would result in an additional $163,031 monthly in profits. Keeping all of this information in mind Riordan would see a return on their investment in approximately 13 months.ConclusionThe new tracking system will help in supporting the principles in strategic capacity planning by allowing Riordan to decrease the waste of resources, such as ordering too many raw materials, using facilities as storage, and using labor hours for data entry. Improving Riordan’s inventory control process will produce a more efficient supply chain management, translating into increased customer satisfaction.Both strategic capacity planning and lean production play an integral part in the improved inventory system at Riordan. The strengths fo r Riordan’s new process will increase productivity, and enhance the products life cycle. Building a better strategy will open the door for further growth opportunities.It will take a team to develop the strengths and opportunities of the new inventory management process. Measures of changing the supply chain design by adding the new RFID to Riordan’s inventory system will become the reason for Riordan becoming the leader in the electric fan industry. (Note: see appendix A for Gant chart)

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The Effects Of Human Activities On The Health Of An Ecosystem

Within a healthy ecosystem, animals, along with humans, receive essential benefits or ecosystem services. However, human activities can drive this balance in a negative direction. Although we appreciate these services given from an ecosystem, like the produce made from the flowers, an increase of human activities can impact the health of an ecosystem. We interfere with the balance of ecosystems when we release pesticides on our crops in hopes of protecting them from unwanted pests. The pesticides harm helpful insects like bees. When the there are no bees present to pollinate the flowers of fruits, it will be hard for fruits to grow. Not only will this hurt the production of fruit and our consumption, but it will also affect other organisms like birds that eat those fruits. The impacts of Human activities can be either a good or bad thing depending if regulations are in place to control our effects and reducing damages. Lack of conservation or management practices could result in peop le to believe deforestation, dumping, and waste does not have an impact to our planet. To reverse this belief that consumption and waste production is not a problem, we need to show people the incentives that come with being green. Many companies have sold their products this way to make us believe we are doing a good thing. By using our reason of belonging, we would need to come up with a way that involves enhancing ourselves while not hurting our income. From studies done, it can be seen thatShow MoreRelatedExtinction Risks for Coral Reefs Essay example1249 Words   |  5 PagesCoral reef ecosystems around the globe are threatened by human interferences and climate change. This has led to many scientists conducting studies on global coral reef ecosystems to gain a better understanding of the cause and effects of coral reef damage. In both Hodgson’s (1999) and Carpenter et al.’s (2008) studies, they are aware of the continuous degradation of global coral reef ecosyst ems. Hodgsons study involved conducting a survey on global coral reef ecosystems to see whether human actionsRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legal?997 Words   |  4 Pageslegal, because it is harmless, and it is an effective medicine for many kinds of diseases. - Marijuana should be legal due to its variety of health benefits - Marijuana is an effective medicine for many kinds of diseases - Marijuana legalization would help boost the economy Thesis Statement: Why shouldn’t marijuana be legal due to its variety of health benefits, its effectiveness for combating many diseases and its role to help boost the economy? Marijuana (cannabis) is a greenish-grayRead MoreImpact Of Biodiversity On The Environment1267 Words   |  6 Pageswere being lost at rapid rates from ecosystems. It is known that all organisms play important roles within their ecosystems being that organisms interact with their ecosystem through feedback mechanisms (Cardinale, B. J., et al., 2012). If biodiversity is diminishing then food webs and ecosystems will also be disrupted. In humanity, Health cannot be sustained without a viable environment (Yassi, A., 2001). The primary cause of biodiversity loss is human activity. Any type of anthropogenic action doneRead MoreThe Importance of Maintaining Marine Environment1882 Words   |  7 Pageseconomic activity associated with fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, renewable energy and recreational activities. Marine ecosystems are a major source of biodiversity and a focal point for biogeochemical cycling. Regular contact with the natural environment results in increased physical activity and therefore fitness, reduced levels of stress, stronger communities, increased awareness of importance of natural environment. Oceans and seas are source of natural resources and are a magnet for human habitationRead MoreThe Millennium Ecosystem Assessment ( Mea )869 Words   |  4 PagesECOSYSTEM SERVICES. Ecosystem services express the value of natural system to human beings. The environment is our life support system and provides services to humans such as water, producing air, food, energy and freshwater that sustains wildlife and creating employment and income for the people .TEEB (2010). Ecosystem services bring multiple gains to humans either directly and indirectly from these ecological systems and in relation to services pertaining to food provision, water regulation andRead MoreThe Yaak Valley Of Northern Montana1494 Words   |  6 PagesThe Yaak Valley of northern Montana is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the continental United States. It has cores of roadless wilderness that have been untouched by human activity and I believe that they should remain as such. The biodiverse ecosystem of the Yaak Valley benefits its human and non-human inhabitants and we should protect it from the detrimental effects of human activities, especially the violent changes caused by larg e timber companies and their practice of clear-cut loggingRead MoreEnvironmental Factors Affecting Human Related Activities1609 Words   |  7 Pagesby human related activities. They can also thrive off environmental factors, like global warming, and they can thrive off of natural factors like droughts. Most are cyanobacteria, that can be both non-toxic and toxic, but either one can have a huge impact on the ecosystem around them. For the past few decades, harmful algal blooms or HABs have been causing major issues to not only the aquatic life that lives in the water, but also to the land animals that live near the water, including humans. TheseRead MoreThe Impact of Global Warming and Desertification on the Nigerian Ecosystem1376 Words   |  6 PagesThe Impact of Global warming and Desertification on the Nigerian Ecosystem SEN 406 Technical Report Writing Submitted By:- Tabansi Anthony Uchenna A00011635. Prepared For:- Dr. ArthurRead MoreAll Organisms Depend on Their Environment646 Words   |  3 Pagesthat are considered to be of a good health are beneficial for a sustainable ecosystem. Environmental health directly affects ecosystems functioning and human health. Unfortunately the health of many environments within South Africa has deteriorated as a result of immense increases in environmental pollution. Pollution causes adverse changes to natural environments, by changing the natural biogeochemical cycles. Most environmental pollutants are a result of human doings and should be recognized andRead More Essay on Global Warming: The Effects of Climate Change1410 Words   |  6 Pagesto human activity. It is also caused by accumulation of greenhouse effects (Arrhenius, 1896). Should we as humans let this problem worsen? Climate change will affect everything including humans, flora and fauna, and the environment. One of the effects of climate change is how it will affect the people. Climate change will have a huge impact on the people’s health. The health of the people will be affected mostly by air pollution and respiratory problems will have the greatest risk of health effects